Our vision is to provide a World-Class services in the industrial automation and integration field.

Welcome to Moriah Engineering Solutions, Inc. website, designed for your convenience. We are a professional firm dedicated to the automation, control and integration services using the highest technology and knowledge to satisfy your needs.

Frequently we get asked what our name means or what does Moriah stand for. We selected our name based on a biblical reference. It literally means “Lord will provide”. We strongly believe that the LORD has provided us with each opportunity.  Our work is done with excellence and commitment, honoring Him.

Moriah Engineering Solutions, Inc. (MES) was created in San Juan PR and started operations on January 2005. MES was created with the objective of providing a different and innovative approach to the development and implementation of automation projects in the industry.

Satisfy every single customer by means of a personalized service, complying with all customers’ requirements and using the most up-to-date technology available in the automation field.

Establish and maintain our best efforts in the professional and personal aspects toward achieving a long-term relationship with our customers and promoting new business development.